Shirish P.

Hi, I'm Shirish Pokharel! Welcome to my website. Here's every post I've ever written. If you want somewhere to start, try my favorites (the ones with stars next to them, below). Enjoy! /

As of July 2018, I am working at a great software company in Boston, with caring and smart coworkers. If you would like to work with me there, look up the positions at

I stole parts of this website from Julia Evans's website. Instead of going to her Github, I just reverse engineered it. Hurray, unnecessary work!

In my free time, I like to read all sorts of books (recent favourites: "The Difficulty in Being Good: The Subtle Art of Dharma" and academic essays on the Harry Potter Universe.) I like reading 1000-yearold love poetry translated from Sanksrit.

I do a little homebrewing during my free time. It's been mostly Kombucha, but there have been multiple batches of rice wine and 'Kraut more recently!

I go by 'Shirish' which is pronounced She-Reash. My last name is pronounced Pokhared -- Poe-Kh-Rael.

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