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Book review of David Epstein’s Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

Author David Epstein argues that individuals who embrace diverse experiences and develop a broader range of skills outperform specialists in complex and unpredictable environments, a conclusion that flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that values early specialization and deliberate practice in a single domain. Epstein’s central thesis in...

The tasks LLM's are good at, and the tasks they're sh**t at: a personal review

Here’s the story of how I became an LLM convert. LLM’s can be quite good at some tasks, and awful at others, and being able to create a clear distinction between the two modes is critical. This essay discusses the aras of opportunities of LLM’s for personal use, and how...

Book Review: Learning to Learn and the Navigation of Moods by Gloria P. Flores

In her book Learning to Learn psychologist and Learning researcher Gloria Flores argues that by managing one’s ‘moods’ one can create a mindset highly open and receptive to learning quickly. She argues that only by modifying the less-productive (for learning) moods towards more productive ones, does learning get easier.

A tale of the treacherous task of Kubernetes upgrade

This is a tale of unmitigated blast radius, in this essay I discuss how I broke one of our developer environments and the ensuing recovery attempts by our team that uncovered several unrelated issues.

Infrastructure management: from chaos to Cloudformation CDK to confusion

Our team decided to use Amazon’s infrastructure-management tooling versus other available tooling a while back. We are now reconsidering the decision.

Don't hoard your star performers, let them out in the field

Even well-run organizations can fall into the trap of ‘hoarding’ their star performers, keeping them ‘on the bench’, unwilling to put them on use in challenging everyday projects. That’s an unnecessary inefficiency. As in sports, allowing your strongest players to go out to the field not only gives them practice,...