Steal these ideas!

Here's a list of proposals, ready to be worked on! These are the ideas I believe will change the way people live and interact with their social and physical environments. These ideas are meant to preserve and promote local culture, architecture and cuisines, while economically benefitting the communities implementing them.

I've put lots of time and effort into thinking through them. Feel free to steal them if you wish. I'd like it if you gave me the credit, and reached out to me for collaboration. I can be reached at

Some of the following proposals are on the rougher side to read. I'm cleaning them up as you read this. The posts will also get a nicer look with header images. This is still a work in progress.

Encouraging and Enabling Electric Tuk-Tuks in Kathmandu as smart public transport means

Kathmandu faces crucial challenges with air quality, noise pollution, and reliance on fossil fuels. Public transport systems often contribute significantly to these issues. Electric tuk-tuks, already present in limited numbers, offer a promising solution for clean, quiet, and efficient passenger transportation. This proposal outlines a comprehensive plan to encourage and...

Reducing Littering in Nepal's National Parks Through Behavioral Incentives and Community Engagement

This proposal outlines a project designed to significantly reduce littering in Nepal’s national parks, such as Shivapuri and Nagarjuna National park. It proposes a multi-pronged approach drawing on behavioral science, financial incentives, and community participation. It will be cheap to implement, and easy to validate. Image source: wikipedia

Consolidating Kathmandu's school bus system to save fuel, student commute, and fix traffic

This proposal outlines a plan to consolidate Kathmandu’s school bus system, leveraging its potential to reduce traffic, optimize resources, and ultimately improve the educational experience for all.Kathmandu Valley’s education system boasts hundreds of private schools, each operating their own individual bus fleets and morning routes. This independent system, while providing...

Leveraging Budhanilkantha School's Unique Assets for an Innovation Edge

This proposal outlines an innovative roadmap for BNKS, leveraging its unique assets to empower students, create positive societal impact, and solidify its position as a leader in forward-thinking education. The proposal presents a phased approach, starting with impactful pilot programs and evolving towards ambitious initiatives that capitalize on BNKS’s land...

Black Soldierfly for a novel municipal household waste management mechanism in Kathmandu Valley

The thesis of this proposal is to solve municipal waste management using BSFL (black soldier fly larvae) in Kathmandu. BSFL is profit on all sides: the city gives money to get rid of their organic waste, the frass that’s generated by BSFL can be slightly amended and sold to farmers...

Caps of Nepal: A business idea to celebrate Nepal's cultural diversity

“Caps of Nepal” is an innovative business venture aiming to celebrate this cultural diversity by offering curated collections of traditional headwear from various ethnic communities across the country. Nepal, nestled in the Himalayas, boasts a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions, each expressed through unique art forms, languages, and attire....

Taking Nepal's traditional rice drink Chhyang to the next level by modernizing production, marketing and sales of Chhyang

Imagine the intoxicating aroma of fermenting rice filling your kitchen, the warm glow of community spirit around you, and the satisfaction of preserving a cherished cultural tradition. This isn’t just a daydream; it’s the essence of starting your own “ChhangFriend” business, and this guide will be your compass on this...

Upskilling Nepali migrant workers for increased wages and improved workplace leverage

This proposal presents a transformative solution for the low-skilled Nepali migrant problem: a comprehensive skills upskilling program designed to empower low-skilled Nepali migrant workers seeking employment in construction, agriculture, and service industries abroad. By equipping them with valuable skills and enhancing their employability, we aim to unlock a brighter future...

A radical proposal: market-funded reconstruction of old/dying heritage houses for shared profits, shared culture

This proposal presents a unique and sustainable approach to preserving and revitalizing the traditional houses in the core cultural areas of Kathmandu and Lalitpur, Nepal. Targeting the Kathmandu and Lalitpur municipal governments and the local business community, it outlines a program that blends heritage conservation with innovative financing strategies.

Exploring the Wonders of Nepali Marcha through collection of samples from across Nepal

Marcha, the enigmatic yeast and mold colony at the heart of Nepal’s beloved chhyang, remains largely undocumented, its diverse recipes passed down through generations. We will meticulously collect and recreate marcha variations, bridging the gap between tradition and science to unlock the secrets of chhyang’s unique properties, and make marcha...

Woodcarving for the masses: Preserving and Expanding Nepali Woodcarving Traditions through Digital Fabrication

Nepal boasts a rich cultural heritage evident in its intricate woodcarving artistry, adorning temples, houses, and public spaces for centuries. However, traditionally handcrafted woodcarvings are often expensive and time-consuming, limiting their accessibility to a wider audience. This proposal introduces a novel approach to preserve and promote these cultural treasures through...

Using Nepal's municipal websites as a proxy for transparency: strengthening local government accountability data-driven efforts

This proposal outlines the establishment of a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability among local governments in Nepal. By focusing on automating data collection and evaluating data availability, the organization will empower citizens, improve service delivery, and strengthen citizen-government relations.

Establishing high-tech research labs in Kathmandu to outsource research and innovation from foreign Universities

This proposal outlines the establishment of research labs in Kathmandu, capitalizing on the success stories of existing organizations like Phutung Labs. By replicating and expanding upon their model, we aim to create a vibrant research ecosystem in Nepal that attracts international partnerships and fosters groundbreaking discoveries.

Plant trees, build riverfront restaurants, encourage boat-markets. Riverfront renwal in Kathmandu valley by aligning business and governance interests

By drawing inspiration from successful models, aligning diverse interests, and fostering a spirit of shared prosperity, riverfront rejuvenation in Kathmandu and Lalitpur can transform neglected waterways into vibrant economic hubs, cultural destinations, and sources of community pride. This proposal provides the initial vision for such a change.

Reviving rural Nepal by hosting and aggressive marketing long-term residential tourism in remote scenic villages

Nepal possesses breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, attracting tourists worldwide. However, many remote villages suffer from out-migration, leaving abandoned houses and untapped potential. This proposal presents a unique solution: transforming these houses into bed and breakfasts and stay-homes for long-term tourists, offering an immersive experience while reviving the local...

Using student driven awareness and cleanliness campaigns to improving public hygeine and sanitation in Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu and Lalitpur, the vibrant heart of Nepal, face a critical challenge: inadequate public hygiene. Littering, improper waste disposal, and a lack of community ownership contribute to unsanitary conditions, impacting public health, environmental well-being, and the overall quality of life. This proposal outlines a unique and innovative program that tackles...

Upscaling Nepali tourism: changing the marketing strategy to attract tourists to increase revenue per visitor

By upscaling the current tourism offerings, focusing on luxury experiences and attracting premium tourists, both the government and local communities can benefit from increased revenue, better infrastructure, and improved living standards. This proposal offers several strategies towards that vision.

Organizing ward-level festivals in Kathmandu and Lalitpur to strengthen the Spirit of the historic cities

This proposal presents a solution:ward-level festivals designed to strengthen local spirit, cultivate a sense of community ownership, and encourage civic engagement. Kathmandu and Lalitpur, vibrant cities teeming with diverse communities and rich cultural heritage, face challenges in fostering a strong sense of local belonging. Many residents, particularly young adults, lack...