Fun facts about me

Here you’ll find my interests and hobbies, and exciting things I’ve done in the past. And a little bit of humblebrag, if I may!

  • Hack.Diversity Mentor: I’ve been a proud mentor for Hack.Diversity for five years running! [link to mentorship page, still a work in progress…] Looking forward to many more years of helping others on their tech careers.

  • Life-Long Learner: I’ve donned the hat of student and visiting student at SIX different universities and colleges across the globe. There’s always something new to discover! So many .edu email ids!

Humblebrag Connections [FEEL FREE TO SKIP!]: A billionaire and a close confidant to the British Prime Minister, a U.S. Congressman, and an MD of one of the most prestigious private equity investors in the U.S. What do they all have in common? They have all interviewed me for various jobs, and then hired me for the position! If you would like to be in their company by hiring me(or interview me to validate your theory that successful people make poor decisions all the time!) email me at

  • Seattle Sunshine Fan: Yes, I said it! Three years strong in the Pacific NorthWest, and I’m loving the beauty, nature, and (dare I say) the weather! Seattle summers are pretty close to perfect heaven!

  • Gel Printing Novice: My current artistic obsession is gel printing. Top tip: patience is key! Let the agar plates set before indulging.

  • TEDx Organizer: Co-organizing two TEDx events was an amazing (and occasionally stressful) experience. Wrangling VIPs and training them to present on a given format is more of a challenge than one would imagine!

  • (Aspiring) Food & Culture Historian : My life’s calling: to become a full-time researcher exploring the rich and delicious food culture of Tibet and Nepal. Until then, I’m happy with my chosen vocation.

  • Rest is for the Weary (NOT!): “Rest is for the weak” is a motto I try NOT to live by. Balance is key, even for those who love having fun!

Get in Touch: Interested in working together? Shoot me an email at

Shirish Pokharel, Innovation Engineer, Mentor

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