Shirish P.

Idea for training volunteer in Kathmandu

Airy is a 45-hour long training spread over three weeks (3 hours a day, five hours a week), aimed to acclimatize foreign volunteers

Why the need for training?

Who are the trainers?

Aspects of training:

1) History of Nepal ..6 hours 2) Current political situation in Nepal ..3 hours

3) Various cultural issues in Nepal (12)

  a) How do people interact?
  b) The pace of life
  c) Norms and traditions
  d) Things to not do
  e) Women
  f) the various cultural groups of nepal/cultural diversity

4) The history of foreign volunteers in Nepal (3)

5) Introduction to working at a Nepali workplace (3)

6) The sidekick manifesto: How to help as a sidekick (3)

7) Maximal contribution without getting in anyone’s way: everyone leveraging their advantages (3)

8) More on experience here [add more]

9) [Final project/coworking with Nepalis practical]

Written on December 8, 2017