Shirish P.

About me

Hi, I'm Shirish Pokharel. As of August 2020 I work as a Software Engineer at Solaria Labs. I enjoy working here, with smart, talented, and caring coworkers.

Before Solaria, I worked at a business automation startup in Downtown Boston. That's where I started learning Golang professionally.

Before that, I was a Master's student at UMass-Amherst in the Computer Science Department. My field of specialization was Secure Distributed Systems, and security in Machine Learning models.

I did my undergrad at Tufts University in Massachusetts. I majored in Computer Science and International Relations.

If you want to hire me, email me at shirish dot pokharel at tufts dot edu.


I am an amateur novelist, and am working concurrently on several novels. I have ~60,000 words on my longest draft. It's pretty bad.

I like fermenting things. I have made over 30+ batches of kombucha. Other things I have made include kimchi (various kinds), 'kraut, sourdough, fermeted chilly sauce, rice wine, natto, tempeh. I plan on making meads next.

I consider myself an amateur food scientist, and have done non-fermenting food preservation projects too. As of late, I've been dehydrating everything and turning fruits and vegetables into edible chips.

I enjoy doing research on hindu myths and traditions, and the historical arts, sciences and technology in the South Asian subcontinent.

I'm currently learning Go language. I consider myself a pretty good python programmer, and can make crappy POC apps in a couple of hours.

I like to bike, and my trusty cheapo folding bike has been my friend for the last five years. It's gotten me out of several tricky situations.

Social media:


Surprising as it may sound, I do not have a twitter account. I do check some people's twitter accounts once in a while, but it's not for me.


I do not have an instagram account, and have never had one, and am unlikely to have one. I do check up people I care about on instagram once a while.


I got off facebook in early 2012 and currently have no plans to go back.


I'm not on Linkedin and have never been.


I'm not on Quora and don't plan on getting into it. The Shirish Pokharel in there is not me.